Mosaic Tip of the Day

Mosaic Tips of the Day:

When creating a mosaic, start with either a clean concrete, wooden, glass, or metal surface. We find using standard all purpose caulk is the way to go to adhere tiles, stones, gems, shells, or any other special found item to the surface you are mosaicing. It’s really a two day process. One day of adhering and one day or grouting. After allowing roughly a day for the caulk to cure and the objects to firmly bond to the surface, filling in the gaps with sanded grout works great. Do not wait more than a half an hour to go back and wipe off the grout that is covering the beautiful image below. If you do, it will have hardened and is much more difficult to clean up in order to reveal the beautiful image you created.

Putting the pieces back together

Art Therapy – It’s about helping put the pieces back together. This gentleman is doing some individual art therapy work after working with a group to create a beautiful public mural. His treatment was focused on healing some past traumas and awakening a new sense of safety and discovery. Through the destruction and creation process of the mosaic mural, he found healing within the art. The group dynamic is an additional support structure as well to help people along their path to healing. Many people don’t know they are artists. But really, we all are artists in some form or another. It is about helping people find their inner artist and express themselves in order to work through an area in their lives where they may be stuck. It’s about letting go of what’s in our heads and letting it come out in our art. Whether it’s with canvas and paint, clay, mosaic, or photography, it’s about finding that pure form of artistic expression to go deeper into one’s own inner knowing and emerge on the other side whole. In this way, art therapy is a holistic health approach to support a positive, healthy lifestyle.

We Are Mosaics

Putting the pieces back together

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