Ceremony in Expressive Arts

The importance of ritual and ceremony such as welcomings, closures, birthdays, namings, marriages, holy days, earth cycle celebrations is to achieve liminal space. I find facilitating rituals and ceremonies healing. I feel a sense of calm and wellbeing when I take the time to honor the timelessness and bounty of an experience of my own or someone else’s close to me.  Music, sound and sacred words from the now and from times in the past are what make the space of ceremony sacred.  Poetry, prayers and well wishes are the scaffolding for sharing insights and intuitive visions for the future.  I am grateful for ceremonial experiences such as these.


Image “The Yellow is Melting Anxiety”

I facilitate weekly Expressive Arts Therapy groups. In group I have been speaking while in motion, allowing the process to “Take Two”,  listening to the movement or gesture saying, “There is more”.   This is what I experienced while giving an aesthetic movement response to the psychological myth of Atlas – the one who carries the weight of the world on his/her shoulders.  I facilitated the movement from two starting places. The first movement starts from a standing position with the weight already in place.  The other movement starts from the ground and picks up a weight, a difficulty, an anxiety or a problem and decides to carry this weight/distraction around.  Then as I reached up to extend my commitment to carry the extra weight, I relaxed my arms and my body said, “Hey, wait a minute.   There is no weight here.   The weight becomes an illusion revealed and trust is once again embraced.”

Bracket: “The Grand Opening of The Northshore Arts and Healing Center.”

My husband and then 6 month old daughter decided to act on a dream of founding an arts and healing center in Maui, Hawaii.  It was a place for artists and healers to work, gather, show, teach and collaborate for community benefits.  We had a blast and met some wonderful people with talent, skill, and love.  Our rent was more than the new business could support, forcing us to walk away with substantially less money than we started with, but feelings of souls fulfilled.  We were grateful for the sacred time, the support from family and the learnings.

We Are Mosaics

Putting the pieces back together

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