From Broken to Beautiful: Mosaics as an Expressive Arts Therapy

IEATA conference in Peru

This summer We Are Mosaics offered a workshop, Mosaics as an Expressive Arts Therapy:  From Broken to Beautiful at the first International Expressive Arts conference in Peru. This workshop focused on the flow of magic that allows for an international professional adult group of 40 participants to design and construct a mosaic mural. “I found a sense of community I have been looking for many years as I work at home alone,  said Paco.” Another participant spoke of how she was very skeptical that a group of strangers could work together, ” It was a Magical facilitation.”  many thanks to all the participants and assistants. We had a blast. The final mosaics will be installed at TAE, the Expressive Arts Institute in Lima, Peru

Paolo Knill and Responsive Leadership

I had the great pleasure of participating in the CAGS program at EGS this past summer.  I was enriched by many classes and people and one that stands out was the Art of Leadership facilitated by Paolo Knill. His description and facilitation of relational and responsive leadership touched me and connected me to what inspires me to work with people and art. The relationships and the connections that the subtle intimacies of art give, show me how to be in my flesh of voice. When I am in the flesh of my voice I am comfortable and open. I recommend this workshop below and I recommend finding Paolo and asking him about how to find the flesh of your voice.

Liberating Creativity: Courage to Lead

Conference featuring Shaun McNiff and Paolo Knill

We Are Mosaics

Putting the pieces back together

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