Terry Tempest Williams and Expressive ARTS

The below quotation from Terry Tempest Williams reminds me of the gift Expressive Arts give us/me. For me I learned to trust the surface as the blank canvas, open stage, where the surface is the now and the now is always ready to share and unfold its abundant connections. Something is always there I said during my first philosophy EXA class. Something is always on the surface.

Similarly my love of mosaic and poetry is the surface with depth. Grounded and inspired.

“I used to believe that truth was found only below the surface of things.  Underground. I was a discipline of depth. What was hidden was what I desired.

But something changed.

It’s the dismemberment of a territory

I am interested now in what my eyes can see, what my fingers can touch, what my hand can know by moving slowly across flesh, or fur, or feathers, or stone.

I trust what I see. The surface of things is what we see.

I trust what I touch.

The surface of things is what we touch”

photo is :

Light dance I saw on my ceiling


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  1. Nona
    May 14, 2017 @ 13:09:37

    We use the Grabber cosnlantty – my daughter has one on her at all times! When she goes to put fingers in her mouth we redirect to the Grabber. This has saved her fingers which were all bruised and damaged due to her Bite reflex. Now she gets the oral stim, sucking, and chewing she wants with none of the crying!


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