Sensitives and sensitivity: the psychology of “artists”


my life as a poem




I work as a licensed professional clinical counselor. I work using an expressive arts methodology of resource building and decentering.  I work as a board certified art therapist teaching my supervise’s ways to facilitate expansion, surface, and resonance through art making with their clients.

I was taught at Southwestern college in Santa Fe, NM that the clients you are supposed to work with, will find you, and flourish your private practice. I find that “sensitives” find me and I find great joy in working with them.  Some of my “sensitives” identify as artists, some are hidden artists easily revealed, and some would not identify as artists, but do resonant with being a sensitive.

The needs of a sensitive: ” time to reflect, nature, art making, relationship harmony”

The reactions of a sensitive: “to hide”

a sensitive in denial of being a sensitive: “feels inadequate”

A sensitive : ” sees the beauty in the dark”

Self Portraits as Expressive Arts

phenomenology , as dicussed by Husserl, is describe by “what shows itself, and what appears.”

phenomenology wants to understand something from the point of view from the art

art is the making of something not emotional expression

poetry vs justice

thinking and truth going beyond body experience

knowledge transcends experience

“Theory of intentionality paying attention to something, attention is the natural prayer of the soul

the arts as modes of sensory experience,” Paolo Knill

Ceremony in Expressive Arts

The importance of ritual and ceremony such as welcomings, closures, birthdays, namings, marriages, holy days, earth cycle celebrations is to achieve liminal space. I find facilitating rituals and ceremonies healing. I feel a sense of calm and wellbeing when I take the time to honor the timelessness and bounty of an experience of my own or someone else’s close to me.  Music, sound and sacred words from the now and from times in the past are what make the space of ceremony sacred.  Poetry, prayers and well wishes are the scaffolding for sharing insights and intuitive visions for the future.  I am grateful for ceremonial experiences such as these.

We Are Mosaics

Putting the pieces back together

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